Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flying Solo

So, the kids and I took Gene to the airport this morning to catch his flight to Denver. He will be there through Thursday at a conference for work so I will be flying solo with the kids. It's weeks like these when you appreciate what life is like for a single mother! The last time Gene was at a conference the kids and I all caught the stomach flu. It was a LONG week and I was counting down the days until he came home. Lets hope this one runs much smoother!

March is finally here and I'm so excited about that! Spring is just around the corner. I love that it stays lighter longer in the evening and we'll be moving the clocks ahead shortly, which will be even better! I love Spring. It's my favorite season and am looking forward to getting back outside for some fresh air!

Since it's been so cold, I try to find things to keep the kids occupied indoors. Eugene has taken to drawing on the chalkboard (or at least he wants me to draw pictures for him on the chalkboard). So, we usually do that at least twice a day. Check out our artwork:

There are only ever two things that he wants me to draw, woodpeckers and spiders. So, if you weren't able to tell based on my lack of artistic ability, that's what they are.

And of course we can't leave out little miss Olivia. She's not into spiders or woodpeckers but is still into her purses! Here's a few shots of her sporting her pigtails and purse!

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