Friday, April 10, 2009

Jam Packed Weekend

How many big events can you pack into one long weekend? Well, on this particular long weekend, lets try for three. Today - my ten year anniversary. Tomorrow - the kids' fourth birthdays and parties. Sunday - Easter.

I'm not sure I'm going to have a chance to breathe. Today, I have cake and cupcake decorating to do. Not sure how they'll turn out but I'm going to try. A cake decorator, I am not. Although I'd love to be. I also have to attempt to clean the rest of the house. I got some of it done yesterday but there's still much to do.

Tonight, Gene and I are at least going to squeeze in a dinner out. This will be mixed in with last minute grocery shopping for tomorrow's party and errand running. I'm making chicken salad for the adults for lunch tomorrow and a stop at Wegmans is a must for fresh bakery breads and cheeses to go with it.

Tomorrow morning will be party prepping and then parties. Followed by egg decorating for Easter tomorrow night.

Sunday is Easter, which will include church in the morning, brunch at Allenberry, and then an Easter Egg hunt at my parents combined with a birthday party for my Aunt.

Guess I should probably get off of this computer and get to work.


AET said...

If your cakes are anything like last year's creations, they will be amazing!

Maria said...

Hope you all had a great weekend in the end! Great blog! TFS!