Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Elf on a Shelf

This little elf is on its way from Etsy (er, I mean The North Pole) to our house and should be arriving any day.  He's coming, along with a letter from Santa that contains strict instructions for EJ and Olivia and will be with us until Christmas.  His job is to watch over them and report back to Santa nightly with any naughty behavior.  Then, the elf returns to our house every morning and finds a hiding place.  EJ and Olivia have to find him and make sure he is placed back on the mantle for the day so that he can continue to watch over them.   There are also some rules for EJ and Olivia to follow.  They are never to touch him.  When they find him each morning, they are to tell one of us and we are to put him back on the mantel.  The elf is not allowed to talk to them although EJ and Olivia are allowed to talk to or write to him.  He can, however, leave notes from Santa or in reply to something they asked of him.

I'm excited for his arrival.

PS - this oh-so-sweet idea isn't my own.  Google "Elf on a Shelf".  There is even a book.  I just fell so in love with this tradition that I decided to start one of our own.

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The Roses said...

what a cute idea - hope it keeps the kiddos in line :)