Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We spent the day in Baltimore yesterday. A treat from the in-laws. They wanted to take the kids to The National Aquarium, which was fabulous by the way. I hadn't been there in years so it was nice to see it again.

Unfortunately, the day started off very early (12:45 am) and very poorly. EJ caught a bug and was up several times during the course of the night with a variety of requests... his nose blown, a drink, some love from Mama, etc. Then, was up again at 6 am crying that he was sick. He had a fever. Ugh.

The tickets had been purchased and were non-refundable. The date had been set for months as it was one of the few days that seemed to work for four busy adults. His fever was not terribly high (~100) so we decided to load him up with Motrin, bring extra doses, along with the thermometer, and give it a go. I was prepared for a very trying day full of sickness induced crankiness.

EJ called my bluff and was quite the trooper. Despite being sick, there was no crankiness (no more than normal anyway) and he loved the aquarium. His fever even stayed away until we got home last evening, just in time for an early bedtime and a Motrin dose.

Olivia, my girl with the super strong immune system who is rarely sick, had a wonderful day as well, with not a sniffle in sight. Not only does she have a super strong immune system, she also has a super strong independent streak. She is my tester and in the very crowded, sometimes dark aquarium, was difficult to keep in my sights. She is the kid who you tell to walk with you, and she'll be sure to walk five steps ahead. I love her independence and I think it will take her far... someday. Just not now.

It was an eleven hour day yesterday so we were all tired when we got home. Wednesday is my day to work but had decided last night (after EJ's fever made a another appearance) that I would stay home today so that he could catch up on his sleep. So, we all took a sick day. He seems to be feeling better and the fever is gone. However, I think he's passed it to me as I'm getting that familiar scratchy throat that usually preceeds a cold. I'm loading up on vitimins and green tea with the hope that I stop it in its tracks. I'll keep you posted.

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