Monday, November 3, 2008

My latest dilemma...

ur um... obsession. Yes, obsession would probably be a much better word to describe it.

I have this good (bad??) habit of researching things to death. I guess it can be viewed as a good thing given that I rarely jump into anything uninformed or without a plan. However, the countless hours spent researching and basically obsessing over a decision is time that could probably be well spent doing something/anything else. My overzealousness is actually a joke between some of my friends. And, it seems to happen with just about anything.

Perfect example was when we bought our new home. It had a blank slate of a yard and I was therefore starting from scratch with all of the landscaping. I spent countless hours scanning the internet for garden plans (which, by the way, Better Homes and Gardens has them for free), landscaping photos, message boards, etc. You name it, I was there. My entire summer of 2007 was spent focused on our yard. Every shrub, tree, and flower was carefully researched, thought out and planned. And, this was only the front yard! :)

Same thing happened when the twins turned three in the spring. They were getting their own rooms and big kid beds. Several months prior, I was scanning design blogs, catalogs, magazines, flickr sites, etc. for design ideas for their rooms. Same can be said for their birthday cakes.

I'm always happy that I've spent the time and am usually always happy with my decisions/results. But, I wonder, does everyone do this? While I won't say that I'm a Type A personality (because I can be quite lazy), I guess certain parts of me could be labeled as such.

So, onto my latest obsession.

My Latest Obsession by tlheyman

A dSLR camera. I've wanted one for over a year now and after coming into some birthday money, I think I'd like to purchase one. I typically reserve said birthday money to revamp my fall/winter wardrobe. But, I do have plenty of clothes to get me through the next two seasons and while adding to my wardrobe has always been something I thoroughly enjoy, I think that activity has been trumped by a new camera.

So, last week my new obsession began. I've read just about every review I can get my hands on and been to several stores to compare how the different cameras "feel" in my hands (just as the magazines tell you to do). Problem is, I can't decide. One review tells you one thing, one tells you another. One camera has several features that the others do not but is sorely lacking in others, etc. I need to just pick one. But, when I'm dropping that kind of money, I want to be happy with my choice. I don't want to buy something to only find out later that I wished I had bought another, or from a different store because I would've saved 30%.

Then, there is the dilemma of new versus used. Should I spend half the money of a new camera on a used one to learn how to use an SLR, decide what features I like, and then upgrade once I know what I'm doing and what I want. Or, spend the money on a good one now so that I don't need to upgrade for another 5+ years.

Really, what I should do is put myself out of my misery, hand someone my money, send them into the camera shop and tell them to buy a camera. Bottom line is that I'll probably be happy with any of the SLRs out there. Coming from a point and shoot, I'm going to be impressed with anything. I just need to make a decision before I find a new pair of black boots and blow half of my money on them.

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