Friday, December 19, 2008

Bad Blogger

I've been such a bad blogger lately. I guess just trying to squeeze too many things into not enough hours in the day. Between work and the kids, plus keeping up with my CT (creative team) requirements and now Christmas preparations, I'm just barely staying above water. And, that's without even mentioning the little tidbit of info that I left you with on my last post. While I'm very happy to be pregnant, the timing for the morning sickness and exhaustion is not ideal.

Speaking of the little tidbit, here's a site that tracks your pregnancy and also includes photos for the various stages of growth.

Right now, it looks more like a cross between an alien and a tad pole than it does a human. What is also crazy is that something so tiny can make you feel so badly. While I must say that I'm not feeling as sick as I did with the twins, I wasn't even sick with the twins this early! I think I was six weeks before I started feeling any type of morning sickness. This time around, it happened almost instantly. Hopefully it doesn't get any worse. I can handle where I am right now.

After getting the positive pregnancy test on the 7th, my OB had me come in for blood work the following day. Per my doctor, my numbers were "excellent". I had a repeat test done this past Monday and again, "excellent". So, I'm feeling good about things. My hcg doubling rate is really fast, which is also a very positive sign. And, my numbers are high. So high that they are actually going to bring me in next week sometime for an ultrasound to make sure there is just one in there. I'm feeling pretty confident that there is... but could you imagine? I certainly can't. I have been very much looking forward to enjoying not only a singleton baby, but a singleton pregnancy.

All is well at home. The kids are excited for Christmas and I think this is the first year that they really "get it". And by "get it", I mean, Santa and presents, etc. They're only three so the story of Jesus might be another year. Besides the fact that right now he's not even Jesus but Ejus. We have a nativity scene that they like to play with and "Baby Ejus" is forever missing. Olivia likes to snatch him away, along with the Three Wise Men's offering. They are the two items that she always takes and you'll find them hidden together, somewhere in the house. It's like Jesus has made off with the goods.

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