Saturday, March 28, 2009

And the verdit is....

Even though I started doubting myself in the last few weeks, my intuition was right all along!! As I mentioned before, I really didn't have a preference either way. We have already been blessed with a boy and a girl so this baby, whatever the gender, was just an added bonus. But, from very early on, I was convinced it was a girl. Even the night before the ultrasound, I was thinking to myself how I might have to change my train of thought if I found out it was a boy. All of the little kicks and movements that I had been feeling and relating to a baby girl might have to swapped out for a boy. But, no need to change perceptions!

The ultrasound went really well. I was afraid I wasn't going to make it on time as there was an accident on the highway and traffic came to a complete stop for a while. Of course I started thinking about how I waited this long for the appointment and was I going to have to wait even longer because we would need to reschedule. Thankfully, the incident was cleaned up and traffic was moving fairly quickly and I made it to the appointment with just a minute to spare.

The facility that did our ultrasound is a group of perinatologists. I was a regular patient of theirs when I was pregnant with the twins, as they specialize in high risk pregnancies. This time I've only seen them for my two big ultrasounds, as I'm not considered high risk. But, since I am now advanced maternal age, my OB's office will refer all of their AMA patients there for the first trimester screening and 20 week anamoly scan. I guess that's one benefit of being old!

I'm more than happy to be seen by them, especially for these detailed scans, as they (as well as their equipment) are the best in the area. Plus, this is all they do and where their expertise lies. I also appreciate that the doctor always comes in to meet with you after the tech has done the initial scan. The doctor then performs a scan himself to be sure he agrees with the initial report and also goes over the findings right there in the exam room with you. So, you know the results before you walk out the door.

I'm happy to report that our little girl looks perfect! She's developing normally and looks to be on track in all areas. As I lay there watching the scan, I was just in awe of the whole process. To see her perfect little spine and ribs, as the tech ran down each section to be sure it was all in place, I just watched in amazement. What a beautiful sight and a true miracle.