Thursday, March 12, 2009


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That's what I am. I feel like my head is spinning with everything that I'd like to accomplish over the next six months... oops, five. See, I don't even know how long I have to accomplish everything.

EJ and Olivia's birthdays are a month away (as of today, actually) so I've got party planning on my mind. They both have themes. Olivia wants a Tinker Bell birthday and EJ wants a Spiderman birthday (although he's been VERY clear that he does not want real spiders involved). I set the bar very high last year with their cakes so now everyone is expecting the same caliber cakes this year as well. So, I've been scanning the internet and Martha Stewart magazines for ideas.

Then, there is the recently painted and newly furnished dining room. I love mid-century modern furniture so we've replaced our very traditional dining room set with some great craiglist finds. They've been sitting in our garage since October and have finally made their way into the room (after some new color on the walls) this past weekend. BUT, all of the old artwork and decor does not mix with the new set so I've got a list of items I'm looking to buy.

Then, there is my digital scrapbooking. I had to step down from two of my creative teams during the first trimester because I just wasn't able to put in the time necessary to be a productive member of the teams. However, I'm still on two teams and thankfully, they have been very forgiving with regards to my lack of creativity as of late.

And speaking of digital scrapbooking, I have three large projects that I need to finish before the new baby comes. I'm currently working on a 60th Birthday album for my Dad and first year baby books for the twins. Yes, I realize that they're going to be four next month. If I don't get these books done before August, I don't think I'll ever catch up.

Then there is baby. The sweet baby that I'm still in awe of the fact that I'm carrying. There is a lot of planning to do for baby. First, I'm currently sitting in what will be the nursery.... the playroom/office. So, the only other spot available for a playroom is the basement (which will need to be finished, of course) and the office is relocating to the living room (which is currently just a room that is looked at but never used). This is our biggest to do list of all and it stresses me out just thinking about it.

Nursery decorating. Something that will have to happen after the task above is complete but something that I'm still thinking about and planning. Trying not to spend too much time on it at the moment until we know what we're having. But still, just another to do list item that is making my head spin just slightly.

Then, there's my job, which is supposedly going away June 1st but this date changes as quickly as the weather. Regardless, I know that by the time this baby arrives I will no longer be employed. Which, I have to say that I'm thoroughly looking forward to but also involves a lot of work. I've got to somehow organize the past eight years of my working life into something that someone else can just "run with". Ugh. How does one do that?

How does one do all of the above in five months? Is it possible? It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.


Rose said...

good luck :) sometimes all you need to do is write a list and tick those suckers off one by one... i always chuck in a couple of easy ones - good for the self-esteem :)

The Roses said...

don't worry - everything will get done eventually, it always does. take a deep breath.