Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deal of the Year

Oh the deal I've just found! As I was scanning blog updates in Google Reader, I stumbled upon a nursery project. It was for a boy, so obviously would not suit my needs, but I loved the bedding and decided to take a closer look. It was from Target. I had scanned Target's bedding in the past and while they had nice sets, nothing really caught my eye. However, I decided to follow the link and take another peek and oh how I'm glad I did.

One of the reasons why I'm excited that we're having a little girl is that I'm going to be able to use the vintage dresser that is currently stored away in our basement. It was Gene's grandmother's piece and is probably from the 40's or 50's? I'm terrible at dating period furniture so I could be way off. But regardless, it's vintage and yellow and pretty. Definitely not something that could be used in a boy's room. So, after the confirmation that we were indeed having a girl, I knew it would have its place in her room.

The only requirement that I had for bedding was that it somehow match, or at least compliment the dresser. Beyond that, the sky was the limit. Most of the sets that I really liked were in the $250+ range and a bit (or actually a lot) more than I wanted to spend. I spent a lot for the twin's crib sets. I loved the set so much that I bought one before I was even pregnant. Then, when I found out I was having twins, I had to search the country for a matching set (as it was discontinued). I had family members who live in Chicago drive to The Land of Nod outlet store (the only one in the country, I think) to find a matching set. Thankfully, the were successful.

When I started talking bedding for this baby, Gene questioned why I was not going to use one of the twin's sets. Well, each new baby has to have new bedding, right? That must be rule somewhere. Plus, I had a very gender neutral theme with the twins so it would be fun to do some gender specific decorating this time around.

I digress.

I scan the bedding at Target online this afternoon and I come across some DwellStudio sets. I love their textiles and was very happy when they started designing for Target at a much more affordable price. So, I decided to take a look at their crib sets and that's when I saw it. THE set. And not only was it the bedding that would perfectly match the style and color of the dresser, it said $13.74 for the set. What?? That must be an error. Or, my next guess is that only one piece of the set is still available, right? Wrong. $13.74 for a set that includes bumper, sheet and comforter. I had to then purchase the crib skirt for another whopping $3.74. Does that even cover the cost of the fabric?? So, I got a four piece set for $18 and change. I'm still suspecting a pricing error or something of the sort.

All for less than $20.

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The Roses said...

love it - and a deal too!! woo hoo!