Friday, October 16, 2009

Lambertville, New Jersey

We're headed to the Delaware River Valley tomorrow morning thanks to my wonderful parents. They offered to keep all three kids for us this weekend so that I can get away for my birthday. So, despite the rain and cold weather, I'm looking forward to a weekend full of flea markets, antique shops, coffee shops, cafe lunches, a relaxing dinner, a bottle of wine and sleeping in.

And then, in the meantime, trying to figure out how I'll ever repay my parents for all they've done for me.

1. Metal cage..., 2. A "Doors Reunion" , 3. love knows hidden paths, 4. lambertville shopping, 5. he liked to break the rules...but only a little, 6. bridge (another perspective), 7. five for a friend, 8. Dreamy, 9. well-uncared for, 10. My, what big hands you have, 11. End Seat (105/365), 12. Up Close and Personal, 13. Waterfall - New Hope, Pa14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available


Pauls. said...

I like your photos :)

The Roses said...

Enjoy every moment! Happy birthday!

AET said...

How lovely! We used to stay at The Chimney Hill Inn every winter. If you get a chance, hit Marsha Brown's for dinner. Happy Birthday!