Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

I couldn't have asked for a nicer birthday weekend. Well, maybe a few degrees warmer and less precipitation would have been nice. But hey, I had a weekend away in a historic, quaint and beautiful little town which was only a short walk over a bridge from New Hope, Pennsylvania... another historic, quaint and beautiful little town. We had never been to the area but will definitely be making a return trip. The twins would go crazy for the coal fired steam engine that makes its way through New Hope everyday.

I started off my birthday morning with breakfast at my in-laws, complete with a heart shaped blueberry muffin, sprinkled with powered sugar and topped with a lit candle. After breakfast, we dropped off the kids at my parents and headed on our way.

The weekend was complicated a bit by the fact that I'm breastfeeding a nine week old. So, for a week prior to our planned getaway, I was married to my pump so that I could stash away enough milk for Piper during my absence. I was so proud of myself that by Friday evening, I had more than enough milk to last her the 24+ hours that I would be away. But then, there was the pumping schedule that I would have to adhere to on our trip. So, that meant being a slave to the clock and having to make plans around the every three hour pumping schedule. But, it all worked out just fine and wasn't as difficult or as much of a nuisance as I thought it would be. And, I have 30 ounces now stashed in the freezer for later!

The weather also wasn't as bad as I had expected. For the most part we were able to walk everywhere we wanted/needed to go without getting wet. Most of the time there was just a fine mist in the air. But, it was misty enough that I didn't feel comfortable using my camera (to which I was very disappointed). I was so looking forward to using the new lens that Gene bought for me for my birthday. However, said camera, lens and new camera bag remained in the car the entire weekend.

Other than not being able to get out with my camera, the weekend was everything I had hoped it would be. It was full of antique shop perusing (with price tags much higher than I would be willing or capable of spending), window shopping, coffee drinking, dinner eating (complete with a birthday dessert spread compliments of our waiter that included three desserts, berries, whipped creams and candles), wine drinking, and champagne brunch eating goodness.

And, to top it all off, Piper slept 10 hours for my parents last night. She's been sleeping through the night at home but we weren't sure how she'd do in a new environment, in addition to just getting her two month vaccines on Friday. But, I'm happy to report she was the fantastic sleeper she's always been. I was so worried she's have my Mom up all night.

Could my birthday weekend have gotten much better? I don't think so. Other than the fact that it's extending into this week and I'm looking forward to a birthday dinner tomorrow night with my family!

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