Friday, October 30, 2009

Swine flu?

Swine flu?, originally uploaded by °Giulietta°.

Or, excuse me, H1N1? I guess I'll never know if that's what I've been inflicted with all week. I do know, however, it's been quite a long week. Gene has been away for work all week so I've been on my own with an infant and two four year olds. I missed trick or treating last night and EJ and Olivia's Halloween parade and party today at preschool. I've been worried sick about my three little ones catching this... especially Piper. While my fever is gone, my head now feels as though it's about it explode and I'm counting down the hours until my husband returns home this evening. I may just climb into bed as soon as he arrives and not get out until Sunday. Or actually, maybe Monday, when he has to return to work.

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