Thursday, March 11, 2010


I had some fun with Piper and my camera the other day.  She was such a willing participant and I got some great shots of her.

Piper will be seven months in a few days.  Hard to believe. 

Stats and habits of my almost seven month old:
She's 18 lbs and at her 6 month appointment was 28 1/4 inches, which is off the charts in height.

She's been sitting independently now for a few weeks.  Sucks her thumb on a fairly regular basis (especially when she's tired and putting herself to sleep).  Is enjoying solid foods and learning to pick up food and feed herself.  The "picking up" part is going well but the "getting it into her mouth" part is proving to be a bit difficult.  She has learned to use a sippy cup.  Is over (for the most part) her stranger anxiety.  Is using consonants now while babbling (dada, mama, etc).  Taking two naps per day, is sleeping through the night again (thank goodness) and has popped through two bottom teeth.

I am one lucky Mama to have been blessed with this little girl.    

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Rose said...

oh she is so sweet. love that last photo. gorgeous.x