Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sighs of relief.

it's like that auto insurance commercial.  or is it a law office commercial?  where they show a bunch of people sighing all because they have great auto coverage (or a great attorney, since i can't seem to remember the actual commercial).  anyway, that's me.  sighing.

life is back to normal.  piper and i are back to normal.  happily nursing again.  such a relief.  granted, it wouldn't have been the end of the world to stop nursing her at this point.  but, i would have forever felt guilty about it because i left her for those days, which in turn caused our struggles.  however, all is right with the world of nursing once again.  i'm glad i stuck with it.  i'm glad i didn't quit.  i wanted to quit so many times.  but, i knew we'd get through it.  and, we did.  and, i'm happy.

now, i can get my focus back onto other things.  spring is my favorite time of year and am looking forward to doing a lot of work outside in the coming months.  i have big plans for our vegetable garden this year (now that i will actually be able to work in it without a big pregnant belly in the way).   first on my garden to do list this year is to NOT plant pumpkins or gourds.  i had no idea how much they take over their space (and every other vegetable's space in the garden as well).  they were awful garden residents and neighbors and i was forever cutting back their 4+ feet of new growth each day.  granted, we ended up with some pretty cool pumpkins and the kids loved watching them grow throughout the season, but they tried their darndest to take over the place.

i found a great vegetable garden plan on the better homes & gardens site that i'm planning to use this year.  it will hopefully make our garden a bit more organized and easier to access.  we're also adding a little bed of herbs this year, too, and am so excited about that.  fresh basil is one of the best smells on the planet.


Penny said...

Oh Tracy, that is fantastic. I'm so glad that it has worked out in such a positive way!

Stephanie said...

Yeah! Good for you (and Piper)!