Tuesday, May 18, 2010


so many changes on the horizon.  only three more days of preschool for the twins.  kindergarten this fall.

how did we get here so quickly?  how did this preschool year pass with lightening speed?  i can't believe they are almost done.  i'm going to miss taking them to school.  i'm going to miss the teachers.  i'm going to miss the kids and their parents.  i'm going to miss the snack days and field trips.  i'm going to miss being a mom to preschoolers.

how quickly this year has passed.  it seems like just yesterday we were attending their preschool orientation.  piper was only a few weeks old and even though i was utterly exhausted from lack of sleep, i was excited for their school year.  i was excited to be a stay at home mom for the first time.  i was excited to spend their last year at home with them. 

that year is quickly coming to an end.

they rode this school bus yesterday to a local elementary school for a field trip.  i forget how exciting it is to ride a bus for the first time.  i love that their preschool incorporates this trip into their final weeks of preschool.  it's such a great way to introduce them to the world they'll be entering in just a few short months.

a brand new world.  a little scary, too.  especially for their mom.  how are they old enough to spend an entire day without me?  navigating their way through bus rides, cafeteria lunches and recess.  making new friends.  new influences.  new choices and freedoms.  they will become new people, even if it's just barely noticeable.  it makes me sad but so excited for them, too.  excited for our new life.

the life as a stay at home mom to two kindergartners and a toddler.   oh yeah, that's right.  did i mention that my plan to go back to work after the twins started school has been postponed?  indefinitely.  :)

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