Monday, May 24, 2010

First Cold

Well, we made it nine months, one week and one day in our little world of healthiness.  It was bound to end at some point.  I was just hoping for a little while longer. 

Piper has her first cold.  Granted, I should be very thankful we've made it this long, especially considering I've had several colds (and probably H1N1 in Oct.), EJ has had a few colds and she hasn't had as much as a sniffle.

We had dinner with our neighbors Friday night and to their credit, they told us on Thursday that their 10 month old had a cold.  But, I didn't want to be one of those mothers freaked out by a germ or two and said that it was fine and we'd be there.  Well, I dutifully wiped each and every toy she put into her mouth while there.  In hindsight, I probably should have kept all of his toys out of her reach.  But, a room full of 'new to her' toys and a curious nine month old is a battle I probably would have lost in the end anyway.

Of course I also now regret going and wish I would've said we'd reschedule.  It forgot how heartbreaking it is to see a baby suffer through an illness.  They don't understand why they feel so miserable.  I also forgot how difficult it is for a baby to eat when they're congested.  Nursing now consists of gulping milk in between gasps for air.  Poor little one.  Hoping for a speedy recovery!

On a lighter note, we have preschool graduation tonight.  Still can't believe we're to this point.  The kids are very excited about what is in store for tonight and so am I.  Parents were not allowed in the building this morning for drop off as it's all going to be a big surprise. 

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