Friday, October 24, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

Flickr IMG_3171 copy, originally uploaded by tlheyman.

I took the kids to the lake for a little photo shoot yesterday and it was such a beautiful fall day! Remembering from previous years that the maples along the lake turn the most gorgeous color in fall, it had been on my list of things to do. Had we waited much longer, we would've missed it this year, as many of the trees had already lost half of their leaves. BUT, it didn' t make it any less beautiful! Wow!

The sunlight yesterday on all of those gorgeous fall colors was breathtaking. And, the sunlight on my children dressed in their matching fall colors was just as breathtaking. I'm certainly no photographer (although my wish is to become one) but I'm really proud of how the photos came out. Usually, I'll get one or two shots out of a boatload of photos, that are worthly of framing. Yesterday, while I took over 100 photos, half to three quarters are worthy of framing. Obviously, I'll have to narrow the list down a bit.

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