Thursday, October 16, 2008

For The Love of Fall

As I mentioned in the previous post, we just took our annual fall trip to Prime Hook Beach. We usually travel there four times a year, with the last trip typically being in October. I'm a summer person. Always have been and always will be. So for me, the "fall trip" is really kind of a let down. It's never warm enough to swim or enjoy the usual summertime fun that is supposed to be had at the beach. To me, fall is always a reminder of what is to come... my least favorite season.

This year, however, I've turned a new leaf. A more optimistic one. I'm trying to appreciate fall for what it is... a beautiful season. I mean, really, what is not to love? The colors? The crisp air? The fall harvest of warm your belly foods? So Fall, I've decided to give you a chance. And, you know what?? I actually like you... a lot. We probably had the best "fall" trip to Prime Hook yet. And it was all because I embraced you.

Saturday was spent on the beach collecting shells, building sand castles, and just enjoying the weather... which was gorgeous, by the way. Saturday night we had a fire on the beach. Perfect weather, no bugs and my hats off to the guys for building one kick arse fire. We had mulled cider, bananas baked with chocolate chips and marshallows on the fire, and smores. It was fantastic. Even more fantastic was when everyone went inside to put the kiddos to bed and Gene told me to stay outside and enjoy the fire. There I sat, the only person on this long stretch of beach. Warm fire crackling in front of me, the surf breaking behind me, crisp cool air, water lit by the moonlight, and a good beer in hand... it doesn't get much better than that. If I could bottle all of that up, it would sell for a premium.

I love you, Fall.

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Susan said...

Hi Tracy, It looks like it was a great trip to the beach!! Happy Birthday...Love you!! SG