Saturday, October 25, 2008

No Recess Today.

No Recess Today., originally uploaded by BamaWester.

It's a rainy fall day. Rainy is not a word that we've used much in the last few months to describe the weather. The rain is a welcomed change since we so desparately need it. However, to say it's not cramping our Saturday style would be a lie.

My kids love the outdoors and we spend a considerable amount of time in it. EJ, at least three times after waking this morning, looked out the door and said, "Mom! It looks like it stopped raining. I think we can go outside now." Only to have me confirm that, in fact, it is still raining buckets.

No recess today. However, nothing says that recess has to be outdoors. In the process of creating indoor recess, I've ignored several of my regular house rules today. We've watched Bambi, Dumbo and are now onto The Little Mermaid. We've (well they've) jumped on beds, crawled under laundry baskets pretending to be caged birds, built bridges out of pillows and furniture cushions, and ate M&Ms and peanuts at 11 o'clock this morning.

There's something refreshing and also cozy about being stuck indoors all day. Enjoying the fire and a fresh cup of hot coffee while watching my kids camped out on the floor with pillows and blankets, makes me smile. Gene is away this weekend so it's just the three of us, enjoying indoor recess.

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