Friday, October 17, 2008

A Day... all mine.

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So, it's my 35th birthday today. And as part of my celebration on this day, I did something that I never do. I took the day off from work AND took the kids to preschool. I get the ENTIRE day to myself. What to do?? So many options and just not enough hours to enjoy them all.

My initial plan was to sleep in. Something that doesn't happen often with two three year olds residing with you. I made arrangements with Gene for him to take the tots to school, something that he never does and is usually part of my morning routine, on the three days that I work each week. Well, I had also decided that I wanted to see them all before they walked out the door for the day, so I asked Gene to wake me up before they left so that I could say goodbye (but totally planning to fall right back to sleep and stay that way for at least another hour or two or three). Good plan. However, execution of plan was a bit different.

At 6:45, Gene brought me coffee in bed (nice.) and then asked the kids to come in and wish me a happy birthday. Olivia came running in with big hugs and kisses and happy birthday wishes. EJ cried outside of the door, telling Daddy he wanted to go back downstairs to watch the Wiggles and drink his OJ instead. Can't blame him, I guess. Problem was, not only was Daddy not yet dressed for work, he hadn't even showered. So, as he got ready for work, I sat on my bed with an initially unhappy EJ, wrestled with the pretty little girl white gloves that Olivia insisted she wear before leaving the house, and watched Playhouse Disney. I quietly mentioned to Gene that "this" wasn't exactly what I had in mind this morning.

But soon, EJ's mood improved and he started asking me questions about my birthday. How many years was I? How do I show that number(on my fingers, of course)? Olivia asking me to hold her hand while she's laying next to me, leaning over every so often to say "I love you, too". -- she always adds the "too" on the end, even if you haven't said it first. Maybe she's reminding me that I should have said it first. As much as my day did not come close to starting out as I had planned, I couldn't have asked for a better start. It was sweet start. It was what being a Mom is all about.

I still got to stay in bed after they all left me this morning. I tried with everything I had to fall back to sleep. I'm exhausted this morning. I stayed up late last night, with the intention and plan of sleeping in. However, as I laid in bed this morning, in my oddly quiet house, the excitement of having the day to myself overwhelmed the thoughts in my brain and there was no falling back to sleep. Then, a must do to do list popped into my head. Crap. I have to email the receptionist at work to let her know I won't be in. I need to turn my out of office assistant on. I need to renew the library books that are now late. I need to check my email to see if the Craigslist seller of the very cool dining room chairs got back to me. So, I grab the laptop and tick them off one by one. Done. Try again to fall asleep. Decide instead that I need to get up and call the Craiglist seller who never emailed me back. Done.

It's now 9:45 and I've made a fresh pot of coffee. I've got new music downloading to my iPod. I don't have the radio, tv, or anything else that might make noise, on. I hear the hum of my laptop and my dog, who is laying at my feet, breathing. It's a gorgeous day. The sun is shining. Time for a shower, then shopping for a new outfit for tonight, then maybe a Starbucks coffee. Tonight, we have reservations at a b&b, the kids are staying over at Oma's and Grandpa's, and 7 pm dinner reservations for sushi with 15 of my dear friends.

life is good.

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Roses said...

Love this, Tracy! Your blog is wonderful.