Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Too Long

Gosh - sorry it's been so long since my last post. I promised I would be a good blogger and haven't done so, unfortunately! So much to post about since my last one. Let's see..

the twins turned three on April 11th. So hard to believe. They are now in their own rooms and big boy/girl beds. Here are some photos of their new beds:

We got EJ's bed at a consignment shop in York for $44 and got Olivia's bed at basically a junk dealer for $20! Can you believe that?? They both needed some TLC with sanding and new paint (as they were both a very ugly brown color when we bought them) but at $64 for two bed frames, we couldn't pass them up. And, I love how they turned out.

My mother in law painted the butterflies on the wall of Olivia's room and the trucks for EJ's room. In these pictures they weren't finished so I'll have to post new ones now that they're done. Their rooms turned out so cute!

For their birthday party I made my first ever birthday cakes. EJ wanted an alligator cake and Olivia wanted Cinderella. I found a pretty good plan online for a Cinderella cake but the alligator cake was a different story. I had to basically break apart two 8 inch round cakes to form his alligator. What a job!! In the end, I loved how they both turned out and they were worth all of the work because the kids loved them! Not sure I want to attempt two homemade cakes next year but I'm sure I'll be talked into it!

And lastly, here are some pics of the birthday boy and girl!