Thursday, April 30, 2009


The beginnings of our first backyard garden.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling Accomplished

I did 50 minutes of yoga today and a three mile walk at the park tonight. Warm weather is such a great motivator!

Day Twelve

of this awful UTI. I got it the day we were leaving to go camping and thankfully snagged an appointment before we left and was able to get on antibiotics. However, my first mistake, I guess, was going to my family doctor instead of my OB. My thought, at the time, was a uti was not something that had to do with my pregnancy so why go to the OB? I'm regretting that now, though.

My family doc gave me a 7 day course of antibiotics. Of course I've been freaked out taking them because of being pregnant and what it could do to the baby although the doc said they were safe. Well, they may have been safe but they didn't clear up the infection. So, after 7 days of diligently taking my meds and drinking a sea of water daily, I was still in pain. In pain so badly by last Saturday that I needed to page the on call OB, because of course, my family doctor had no "on call" options on the weekend. Lovely.

Thankfully, the OB on call called in a new RX for me. A stronger one. One that was a category c instead of category b (for pregnancy risk) but she assured me it was fine to take. Being desperate, I'm taking it. I was told that if I didn't feel better by Monday that I was to come into the office. Well, guess what? Not better by Monday. WTH?? So, I go in yesterday and they inform me that it's very unfortunate that my family doctor did not culture my specimen to see which particular bacteria was the culprit so that it could be treated appropriately and that they always culture their pregnant patients. Ok, so clearly that was mistake #1. They did a quick test on me and of course, the infection is still there. So, they sent it off to culture and we should know in a day or two if we need to change antibiotics. I'm assuming that answer is yes since I'm not feeling better yet.

Then, the OB prescribed me a urinary tract analgesic to help with the pain. I was more than happy to pick up this RX so that I could start feeling better. However, my first mistake was reading the fact sheet. I always read those fact sheets and always freak myself out by doing so. I should really just take the dr's word that it's safe and move on. However, I read it and it says that the drug can permanently stain your soft contact lenses. WHAT???? How does that happen?????? I know it makes your pee red but your contacts??? So, needless to say, I haven't taken a pill yet. That just seems strange beyond strange. It's excreted into your eyes??? Is it going to turn my baby's skin red too?? Ugh. I hate drugs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I don't think I've ever been so in love with one before. Won't be able to bring myself to spend $135 on it, but it won't stop me from loving it!

You can find them here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Fresh air * campfires * falling asleep to the sound of peepers * catching your first fish * smores * 75 degree weather * sleeping in a bunk bed for the very first time * throwing rocks in the water * no tv * roasting marshmallows * eating roasted marshmallows *

Camping. It's good for the soul (whether yours is four years old or thirty four years old).

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jam Packed Weekend

How many big events can you pack into one long weekend? Well, on this particular long weekend, lets try for three. Today - my ten year anniversary. Tomorrow - the kids' fourth birthdays and parties. Sunday - Easter.

I'm not sure I'm going to have a chance to breathe. Today, I have cake and cupcake decorating to do. Not sure how they'll turn out but I'm going to try. A cake decorator, I am not. Although I'd love to be. I also have to attempt to clean the rest of the house. I got some of it done yesterday but there's still much to do.

Tonight, Gene and I are at least going to squeeze in a dinner out. This will be mixed in with last minute grocery shopping for tomorrow's party and errand running. I'm making chicken salad for the adults for lunch tomorrow and a stop at Wegmans is a must for fresh bakery breads and cheeses to go with it.

Tomorrow morning will be party prepping and then parties. Followed by egg decorating for Easter tomorrow night.

Sunday is Easter, which will include church in the morning, brunch at Allenberry, and then an Easter Egg hunt at my parents combined with a birthday party for my Aunt.

Guess I should probably get off of this computer and get to work.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another page...

..for the baby book! I finished it last night.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nursery Plans

The oh what a deal nursery bedding arrived in the mail this week! It is even prettier in person. I'm still in awe of the fact that it was less than $20. I was searching online to see if I could find some of the items to the set that were sold out at Target. There were changing pad covers, curtains and pillows that I was hoping to snag somewhere. Problem is, too many people are trying to make a buck off of the clearance prices. I found the same crib set that I paid $18 for selling on ebay for $39 plus shipping. The changing pad covers, which were less than $5 on clearance at Target (but sold out), are also $39 on Ebay. No thanks. I'm sure I'll find something else that matches just as well or compliments it even more.

In my search for additional pieces, I stumbled onto a designer's website. She will design a room for you for a fee. The lucky streak I've been having with this nursery continues. Didn't she design a room (as an example) around the DwellStudio Arabesque bedding that I'm going to use! She picked paint colors and additional pieces for the room. While I'm not going to use her entire design, I do like the paint color choices and some of the design items... although I think she went a little crazy with the damask prints.

How great is this??

You can find her site here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Keys (Nøkler), originally uploaded by Åsta.

Where oh where can you be, key? I'm starting to become obsessed with finding you. Or maybe it's not an obsession at all but instead the need to finish putting away my china so that we can actually see our dining room table again. I knew you would be trouble with two four year olds. I knew they would love to play with you and put you into hiding places where you will never again be found. I knew that I should have finished filling the cabinets with all of our stuff before your location became a mystery. I knew I should have put you out of reach of little hands. I did none of the above and now I'm destined to have empty cabinets with locked doors and a dining room table full of stuff.