Tuesday, July 28, 2009

counting down the days

counting down the days, originally uploaded by NyKuLei.

Two more days of work. Two more weeks of pregnancy. It's a lot to process and a lot of changes on the horizon.

Becoming a Mom to an infant again. Becoming a Mom of three kids. Leaving a job that I've had for the last eight years to a full time stay at home Mom.

Most are exciting. A few are worrisome. All are weighing on my mind.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nursery Planning and Etsy Love

I've long been a fan of Etsy. However, I've reached a new level of adoration for the site over the last few weeks as I've been working on the nursery. Most of the decorating will be done with creations made by Etsy artists or vintage items purchased thru the site.

So far, I'm having a baby mobile custom made by the Perpetual Childhood shop. It will be similar to this one but will be mainly white with just a touch of pink.

Then, I found this fantastic artist who makes textile cards and small art pieces with recycled fabric and paper. Her work is beautiful! I contacted her after seeing her work and she offered to put together a collection of cards to be framed and hung in the nursery. I just got a note from her tonight saying that the cards are finished and she's shipping them out tomorrow. I can't wait to see them! Here is one of her cards:

You can check out the rest of her shop, here.

Lastly, I bought some Amy Butler fabric from Etsy that I'm thinking will go well in the room and my Mom has offered (since I can't use a sewing machine) to make some pillow covers for me. And, I'm also planning to do several swatch portraits (<- click link to read about them) with the fabric as well. I received half of the fabric today and am hoping the other half arrives in the next day or two.

While the nursery has been painted and the furniture is in place, I'm anxious to receive the rest of the goodies in the mail so that I can get started with the actual decorating! I found a vintage signage letter from Three Potato Four over the weekend that I'm waiting to arrive as well. The nursery theme is kind of vintage modern so I'm hoping all of this will work together well and the end result is what I'm picturing in my head.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So Long

So Long 2008, originally uploaded by mycuteladybug.

We're headed to the beach in the morning and will be home on Tuesday. Our last trip away as a family of four.

A New Pregnancy Page

One more page for the baby book. Guess I should get around to taking a few more belly shots since this one is now 6 weeks old.

Only 6 more weeks to go!